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The Inner Workings of a Serial Killer - Free Essay Example

Serial killers have long been of interest to American popular culture as well as criminal psychologists. A serial killer is defined as an individual who commits three or more acts of murder over an extended period of time (Allely, Minnis, Thompson, Wilson, Gillberg, 2014). Typically, these killings involve the sexual assault of their victims as well as sadistic acts of torture. These men and women who commit these extreme and prolonged acts of violence are important yet difficult to study. Due to the rarity of serial killers, more research needs to be done to further the existing scholarship regarding serial killers. Serial killers are an extreme example of the behavior that can arise from people who have anti-social personality disorder. Not only does the presence of a personality disorder influence their actions, but biological and social processes have an impact on whether a person will engage in this severe level of killings. Sometimes these murders are calculated and victims are chosen to fit a desired killing type, or victims are chosen due to opportunity. These serial killers can be charismatic and charming, such as Ted Bundy, or isolated and detached like Jeffrey Dahmer. The factors that aid in the making of a serial killer are complex and involve specific psychological aspects of personality, biological processes, and negative environmental stresso rs. The presence of anti-social personality disorder is one of the main psychological indicators that a person is at risk for engaging in serial killings (Kocsis Irwin, 1998). Individuals who have anti-social personality disorders have a persistent disregard for human life (Kring, Johnson, Davidson, Neale, 2016). They feel almost no empathy for their victims and may know that what they are doing is wrong, but they continue to kill regardless of the consequences. Not all people who are diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder will become a serial killer, but most serial killers have an anti-social personality disorder diagnosis (Culhane, Hilstad, Freng Gray, 2011). According to the DSMV, the criteria for anti-social personality disorder is age at least 18 with an evidence of conduct disorder before age 15, and a pervasive pattern of disregard for the rights of others since the age of 15, as shown by at least three of the following: repeated law breaking, deceitfulness, lying, im pulsivity, irritability and aggressiveness, reckless disregard for own safety and that of others, irresponsibility as seen in unreliable employment or financial history, and lack of remorse (Kring, Johnson, Davidson, Neale, 2016). The combination of these criteria puts an individual at risk for committing serial murders. Another important psychological element to serial killers is psychopathy. Psychopathy involves the continuous violation of the rights of others, as well as a complete disregard for such rights (Kocsis Irwin, 1998). It also involves a lack of empathy with the feelings of others and a lack of remorse for any offence or injury to others, as well as an inflated self-concept and superficial charm (Kocsis Irwin, 1998). This psychopathy is seen in the brutal nature of the killings as serial killers have little to no regard for the harm that they inflict on their victims. The victims are seen as a means for the serial killer to gain some sense of satisfaction, typically sexual satisfaction (Kocsis Irwin, 1998). In addition, serial killers lack any real empathy, so their emotions are purely manipulative (Kocsis Irwin, 1998). For example, serial killer Ted Bundy used his charismatic attitude to give his victims a sense of comfort, which then allowed him to lure them to their deaths. Psycho pathy is a personality dimension that is prevalent in most serial killers but not all (Kocsis Irwin, 1998). Narcissism is another dimension of personality that is seen in serial killers. Narcissists believe that they are special and important and must be treated as such. Narcissist have a need for admiration and recognition of their importance, and when this attention is not given, they can become quite upset. Similar to psychopathy, narcissism consists of a lack of empathy for others (Kocsis Irwin, 1998). However, there is a distinction between the two as psychopaths percieve other people as objects for self-gratification, whereas narcissists need to establish a sense of their superiority over others and demand admiration (Kocsis Irwin, 1998). This feature of narcissism is prevalent in many serial offenders (Kocsis Irwin, 1998). The desire for admiration in serial killers is seen through the exhibitionistic behaviors of some serial offenders (Kocsis Irwin, 1998). For example, Australian serial killer John Glover boasted of his self-perceived superior intellectual abilities despite no t having a college degree and having a below average IQ. Serial killers who exhibit narcissistic tendencies feel great pride for their kills and this pride is exemplified when publicly recognized by police or news outlets. This is used as a tactic by law enforcement to trick the killer into revealing more information. This was seen in the case of Edmund Kemper, as the more praise Kemper received for the ingenuity of his offences, the more information he would reveal (Kocsis Irwin, 1998). Understanding the elements of narcissism are not only important for the reasonings behind serial killers actions, but can also be used to apprehend them. Sadism is another important psychological element to a serial killers personality. Sadism is when an individual takes pleasure in harming others, and some may even experience sexual gratification watching their victims suffer (Kocsis Irwin, 1998). Not all sadists are serial killers, as not all kill their victims, but instead use psychological torture and manipulation to satisfy their urges. Sadists use a variety of methods to inflict damage on their victims. Some common examples would be taking away the autonomy and free will of their victims or physically torturing their victims (Kocsis Irwin, 1998). Jeffrey Dahmer is a well-known sadistic serial killer. Dahmer brutally tortured and killed his victims. In addition to this physical torture, Dahmer inflicted psychological torture on his community. At a search party for one of the missing persons he murdered, he served soup that he made with the human remains of his victims. While the personality dimensions of anti-social personality disorder, psychopathy, narcissism, and sadism, consist of diagnostic differences, they all function towards the psychology of the serial offender (Kocsis Irwin, 1998). The biological processes behind serial killers are also important to note. Certain developmental and intellectual disabilities have recently been associated with serial offenders. Autism spectrum disorder may play a role in an individual becoming a serial offender. Criminal psychologists are advocating for the new diagnosis of Autistic psychopathy, which would function as a subcategory of Aspergers syndrome (Allely, Minnis, Thompson, Wilson, Gillberg, 2014). Research suggests that Autistic Psychopathy may trigger the incentive of some of these serial killers (Allely, Minnis, Thompson, Wilson, Gillberg, 2014). The question of whether there is a connection between ASD and extreme violence is still unanswered because empirical research investigating offenders with Autism Spectrum Disorders is relatively rare (Allely, Minnis, Thompson, Wilson, Gillberg, 2014). There is also research supporting neuro-chemical imbalances and aggression. Low serotoninergic activity has been linked to imp ulsive, self-destructive violence, while an increase in synaptic serotonin levels have been linked to aggression (Allely, Minnis, Thompson, Wilson, Gillberg, 2014). The increase of dopamine and norepinephrine also will heighten aggression. Monoamine oxidase-A (MAO-A) is an enzyme that is associated in the metabolism of norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine and its levels are genetically determined (Allely, Minnis, Thompson, Wilson, Gillberg, 2014). Men with low MAO-A activity are three times more likely to be convicted of a violent crime by the time they are 26 years old than men with high MAO-A activity (Allely, Minnis, Thompson, Wilson, Gillberg, 2014). Hypoglycemia is also associated with impulsive, violent behavior, and the link may be mediated via serotonergic mechanisms and alcohol consumption. (Allely, Minnis, Thompson, Wilson, Gillberg, 2014). Individuals who have the biological predisposition for aggression and violent behaviors will be more likely to commit serial mur ders. It is also suggested that individuals who suffer from head injuries will be more likely to commit violent criminal offences (Allely, Minnis, Thompson, Wilson, Gillberg, 2014). Anti-social personality disorder and many of the other personality dimensions that are found in serial killers are genetic. The biological risk factors mentioned above put these individuals at a significantly greater risk for developing into a serial murderer. In addition to the biological and social factors, environmental influences also have an important impact on the making of serial killers. In a study of more than 60 serial murderers, researchers found that psychological and/or physical abuse was a prevalent trait of serial killers childhoods (Allely, Minnis, Thompson, Wilson, Gillberg, 2014). Not all children who suffer from abuse will become serial killers, but childhood emotional and physical trauma can be an influential factor in serial offenders. In a group of 62 male serial killers, 48% had been rejected as children by a parent or some other important person in their lives (Allely, Minnis, Thompson, Wilson, Gillberg, 2014). In many cases, serial killers faced extreme abuse as children and grew up in environments with little nurturing or comfort. Children are more likely to thrive emotionally if there are positive interactions with their parents (Culhane, Hilstad, Freng Gray, 2011). The children who live in abusive and neglect ful households on average have more behavioral and emotional problems, which in extreme cases can lead to serial murders (Culhane, Hilstad, Freng Gray, 2011). Some serial killers may also face bullying and teasing from their peers. For example, serial killer Ronald Dominique was bullied for many years for being gay (Forsyth, 2015). He explains that this bullying over his sexuality resulted in him having many negative thoughts regarding his sexuality. Dominique raped and murdered over 23 men, most of whom were male prostitutes (Forsyth, 2015). These violent crimes against gay men could be a result of the severe bullying that Dominique faced as a teen for being a homosexual. Serial killer Edmund Kemper faced emotional and physical abuse from his mother. He was constantly ostracized in his family and was forced to sleep in the garage, and oftentimes his mother would restrict his food or water. Kemper developed a strong hatred for women and brutally raped, beat, and tortured ten women (Forsyth, 2015). His mother and grandmother were two of his victims (Forsyth, 2015). The environmental and social aspects of an individuals life have important consequences on behavior, and in the cases of extreme abuse and social ridicule, these factors can aid in the development of serial offenders. The treatment for serial killers is extremely difficult as most do not undergo therapy until they are incarcerated. Due to the nature of these serial offenders, most do not want to undergo treatment as it means that they will need to stop their killings (Culhane, Hilstad, Freng Gray, 2011). The most common forms of treatment include mood stabilizers, such as anti-psychotics and social skills training (Kring, Johnson, Davidson Neale, 2016). However, the combination of these treatments may not be effective, due to the lack of empathy and regard for others that serial offenders exhibit. There are a variety of factors which go into the creation of a serial killer. These violent offenders are rare, but usually generate a sizable interest among the public. The psychological, biological, and environmental elements are complex and work together to create the behavioral and compulsive response to calculated multiple killings. When trying to understand the inner workings of a serial killer it is important to note the individual interactions of the dimensions of ones personality, their specific biological processes, and well as the presence of negative environmental and social factors.

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Louisa Adams, First Lady 1825 - 1829

Known  for:  Only foreign-born First Lady Dates:  February 12, 1775 - May 15, 1852  Occupation: First Lady of the United States 1825 - 1829 Married to: John Quincy Adams Also known as: Louisa Catherine Johnson, Louisa Catherine Adams, Louise Johnson Adams About Louisa Adams Louisa Adams was born in London, England, making her the only US First Lady who was not born in America. Her father, a Maryland businessman whose brother signed the Bush Declaration of Support for Independence (1775), was the American consul in London; her mother, Catherine Nuth Johnson, was English. She studied in France and in England. Marriage She met American diplomat John Quincy Adams, son of American founder and future president John Adams,  in 1794. They were married on July 26, 1797, despite the disapproval of the grooms mother, Abigail Adams. Immediately after the marriage, Louisa Adams father became bankrupt. Motherhood and Move to America After several miscarriages, Louisa Adams bore her first child, George Washington Adams. At that time, John Quincy Adams was serving as Minister to Prussia. Three weeks later, the family returned to America, where John Quincy Adams practiced law and, in 1803, was elected a US Senator. Two more sons were born in Washington, DC. Russia In 1809, Louisa Adams and their youngest son accompanied John Quincy Adams to St. Petersburg, where he served as Minister to Russia, leaving their older two sons to be raised and educated by John Quincy Adams parents. A daughter was born in Russia, but died at about a year old. In all, Louisa Adams was pregnant fourteen times. She miscarried nine times and one child was stillborn. She later blamed her long absence for the early deaths of the two older sons. Louisa Adams took up writing to keep her mind off her grief. In 1814, John Quincy Adams was called away on a diplomatic mission and, the next year, Louisa and her youngest son traveled in winter from St. Petersburg to France -- a risky and, as it turned out, challenging journey of forty days. For two years, the Adams lived in England with their three sons. Public Service in Washington On returning to America, John Quincy Adams became Secretary of State and then, in 1824, President of the United States, with Louisa Adams making many social calls to help him get elected. Louisa Adams disliked the politics of Washington and was fairly quiet as a First Lady. Just before the end of her husbands term in office, their oldest son died, perhaps by his own hands. Later the next oldest son died, probably as a result of his alcoholism. From 1830 to 1848, John Quincy Adams served as a Congressman. He collapsed on the floor of the House of Representatives in 1848. A year later Louisa Adams suffered a stroke. She died in 1852 in Washington, DC, and was buried in Quincy, Massachusetts, with her husband and her in-laws, John and Abigail Adams. Memoirs She wrote two unpublished books about her own life, with details about life around her in Europe and Washington: Record of My Life in 1825, and The Adventures of a Nobody in 1840. Places:   London, England; Paris, France; Maryland; Russia; Washington, D.C.; Quincy, Massachusetts Honors: When Louisa Adams died, both houses of Congress adjourned for the day of her funeral. She was the first woman so honored.

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The Effects Of Water On The Water Of Water Essay - 1002 Words

Water is a very important resource, every life depends on fresh water to survive. There are three per cent of fresh water of the world’s water and all life on earth can only depends on half of it. Water has become a very fragile resources because, people have damaged the water bodies badly from the use of chemicals, irrigation to household. Consequently, these reasons have severely affected the water, the environment and many lives on earth. Industrial wastes link to a significant cause of damaging waterbodies. It associates with the building of the dams and the chemicals waste from the industries. Dams have built to generate electricity for cities, but it also blocks the water flow of the rivers. For example, the dam that was built in West Africa in the Volta River blocked the river’s annual flows of up to 4 times (Middleton, 2012). Additionally, Industries sometimes do not store their chemical substances carefully and it might drip into the river, whereas some industries directly eject the used chemical straight into the waterbodies. For example, the Taiwanese government suggest that many big industries have expelled 100 tons of untreated liquid chemical substance by pouring it into one of the island’s longest rivers, the Kaoping (Agoramoorthy Hsu, 2000). The chemicals substances that damage waterbodies are not just comes from the industrial wastes, however it also related to the chemicals use in agricul ture and from household. Agriculture require highly amount of waterShow MoreRelatedThe Effects Of Drinking Water On The Water1448 Words   |  6 Pagesinstructor told me that there is only about 0.7% available as fresh drinkable water. I understand the importance of water which is what got me thinking about ways to increase that percentage of the fresh drinking water in the world. I was walking on the Lenape trail next to Mill Pond, which is a local trail, and I saw the water did not look very clean because it is township property and the township may not be able to clean the water. So I decided that I would help clean the pond, but how? I did someRead MoreThe Effect Of Water On The Concentration Of Water1639 Words   |  7 PagesWater is a polar molecule, meaning that there is an uneven distribution of electron density. Water is a hydrogen bonding compound as it has a partially negative charge near the oxygen atom due the unshared pairs of electrons and has a partially positive charge near the hydrogen atoms; it is because of these â€Å"polar bonds† that contribute to water’s many properties. Water is generally is referred to as a universal solvent because more substances dissolve in water than any other chemical due to theRead MoreThe Effect Of Salinity On The Water Of Water Essay1747 Words   |  7 Pagesin a body of water . Salinity is an important factor in determining many aspects of the chemistry of natural waters and of biological processes within it and is a thermodynamic state variable that, along with temperature and pressure, governs physical characteristics like the density and the capac ity of heat in the water. Under researchable conditions, pure water contains only oxygen and hydrogen molecules, but in the real world, many substances are often dissolved in water, like salt andRead MoreThe Effects Of Water Quality On The Water Supply Of Drinking Water1174 Words   |  5 PagesParagraph #1 - Background: Water is perhaps the most important component of any ecosystem. All living organisms need water to grow and survive. As human population continues to grow, we need to understand and determine the effects our habits will have on the ecosystems and our water supply. Four factors that can affect the quality and importance of water are its abilities as a solvent, dipolar, benefits and costs. Acceptance and long-term sustainability of water quality interventions are pivotalRead MoreThe Effects Of Water On Natural Water Essay1149 Words   |  5 PagesWater is one of the most important resources that earth can offer. Indeed, water is essential to the survival of all living things. Pure water must be colorless, tasteless and odorless. However, sometimes, natural water can contain impurities. Indeed, dissolved solute coming minerals in rocks and soils are often present in natural water. The cations Mg2+and Ca2+ are the most common dissolved compounds found in natural water. The presence of the dissolved Cations Ca2+ and Mg2+ (and other polyvalentRead MoreEffects Of Salt Water And Water On Ice986 Words   |  4 PagesSalt water and water effect ice in different ways. Water melts ice, but salt water makes ice melt faster. The ice cube, which was solid, turned into water because the air temperature is warmer than the ice. This means that the ice particles gather kinetic energy from the warmer air. The ice particles have enough energy to break apart (melt)into smaller particle arrangements. The ice cube without salt melts because the air around is warmer than 32 degrees F, but a salted cube melts faster becauseRead MoreThe Effects Of Drinking Water On The Water1989 Words   |  8 Pagesour drinking water is actually safe to drink? The topic of safe drinking water according to my research isn’t a topic that it’s given that much attention even though there have been events and statistics that have impacted our drinking water. There have been important events such as the chemical spill in Charleston, West Virginia and the ash sludge in Kingston Tennessee in 2008, these kind of events even though they have happen a few years ago still have an impact on our drinking water today. LaurenRead MoreThe Effects Of Drinking Water On Water Quality1483 Words   |  6 PagesDrinking water is a simple idea but such a hard process to master. The water in our lakes and rivers is not safe to drink due to the toxins from vehicles, industrial plants, and natural sources. It is sad how much we take drinking water for granted. In many countries around the world, they do not have easy access to drinking water like we do here in America. In today’s society, when we receive water from a lake or river, it must be treated and cleaned before people can drink it. The drinking water qualityRead MoreThe Effect Of Nutrient Water On Water Source956 Words   |  4 Pagesmining and runoff, phosphorous is able to enter our water sources much more quickly. There is also a small amount of deposition that may occur from the atmosphere to the water. The most common human source of phosphorous is urban and agricultural runoff. (Mahaney, Wendy. September 22†¦) In Saratoga Springs there is a concentration of residential and urban infrastructure, which is a source of runoff into Loughberry Lake and other surrounding waters. Fertilizers and manure also contain high amounts ofRead MoreThe Effect Of Water On Water Supply Systems830 Words   |  4 PagesCubed, and Gary Fiske Associates, 2013. Analysis of Water Use Efficiency Metrics and Benchmarking. Funded by Bureau of Reclamation. Mesa Water District, USA AL-Washali, T., Sharma, S., Kennedy, M., 2016. Methods of Assessment of Water Losses in Water Supply Systems: A Review. Water Resources Management. In press. DOI: 10.1007/s11269-016-1503-7 American Water Works Association (AWWA), 2009. Water Audits and Loss Control Programs, Manual of Water Supply Practices, M36. (3rd ed.), AWWA Publication,

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Marxist Approach to History and Politics - 2584 Words

Outline and assess the main aspects of Marx’s approach to understanding history and politics. Over 150 years after they were first coined, The Labour Theory of Value, Class Antagonisms and the Means of Production are all terms which are central to the revolutionary ideals of Karl Marx and are still widely used and referred to in contemporary political thought. However, when considering how one can assess the Marxist paradigm on history and politics, there must be an understanding of the circumstances in which Karl Marx, one of the greatest political thinkers of the 19th century, was faced with. As many great political thinkers before and after him, Marx’s political ideology was partly shaped by his experiences, and is arguably the†¦show more content†¦Marx suggests that this class antagonism was built upon by the bourgeoisie during the Feudal Ages and has continued to expand beyond all recognition, to encompass a ‘dehumanising and alienating’ market which has paved the way for what Marx describes as modern bourgeois society â€Å"conjuring up su ch giant means of production and of exchange, like a sorcerer that is no longer able to control the powers of the nether world whom he has called up by his spells† . The means of production that Marx is referring to include creating machinery, application of chemistry to agriculture, electrification of railways and steam navigation, with means of exchange referring to capital and investment. The rationale behind Marx’ theory of class struggle was that the whole landscape and namely infrastructure was determined by the political elites, and that the economic conditions were inextricably linked to the bourgeois dominated values and laws and their â€Å"system of appropriation† . The solution or as Marx saw it, the inevitable result of the bourgeois domination of society was revolution, and the destruction of all remnants of bourgeois society by the proletariat. He believed when the time was right, and the material conditions were right (when the subordinate class b ecame aware of their rightful labour proceeds) then the proletariat would rise up, accompanied by the petty bourgeois and assume control of all property land andShow MoreRelatedA Marxist Evaluation Of Feminism And Gender Equality Essay1572 Words   |  7 PagesA Marxist evaluation of feminism and gender equality is another failure of the Neo-Marxist system to generate any serious change in a neoliberal capitalistic model. Feminism, since the 1970s, has become a subjective and distorted version of what it was meant to be—a system that sought to raise the rights of women out of the home (as domestic servants) and into the workplace. In the late 20th and early 21st century, the idea of Marxism as a system of economic analysis for women to dissect the inequalitiesRead MoreThe African Historiography Of Africa Essay1420 Words   |  6 Pagestime for some historians to acknowledge that Africa even had a history, when they would much rather believe that Africa was a timeless state with little to no past. This thinking was the result of history only being considered a written account of past events, and since Africans did not develop a widespread form of writing their history the general belief was that African historiography has no place in the world. This lack of African history in the eyes of the Westerners resulted in Africa being labeledRead MoreEssay on China1403 Words   |  6 PagesChina   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The history of China is embeded with revolution and tension dating back to the feudal periods and the first unified Chinese empire under Qi Shi Huang Di in 221 B.C. The Confucianism ideology entrenched in the minds of the Chinese people with its conservative base and the need to achieve harmony in society has yet to be reached and most likely, never will. The proletariat is at the heart of the Marxist-Maoist approach to politics and the basic way of life for the ChineseRead MoreThe Major Problems That International Relations1639 Words   |  7 Pagescauses it? War is a state of armed conflict between different states or different groups within a country. War can take on many forms including world, inter-state, intra-state or revolutionary. In order to figure what causes wars, a theoretical approach is useful to expand our understanding and perspective on the issue. The three theoretical approaches we will explore in this paper are Realism, Liberalism and Marxism. These three approaches are chosen due to their verity as well as how vast theirRead MoreA Functional Understanding Of Historical And Social Context1484 Words   |  6 PagesWhen it comes to the evaluation of history, there are a variety of components essential to developing a functional understanding of historical and social context: to look to the future, we must look to the past, and to explore the present, we must think about the potential of the future. This jux taposition of past, present and future, or the combination of empiricism and logic thought, constitutes dialectical materialism, requiring an examination of the end-goal to determine the means of societalRead MoreMarxism And The State : An Analytical Approach Essay745 Words   |  3 PagesSpecialist Group. Some of his work in Marxist politics theory are a book, Marxism and the State: An Analytical Approach (Wetherly, 2005); a chapter in the book, â€Å"Can Capitalists Use the State to Serve Their General Interests?† (Wetherly, 2008); and some journal articles such as In all essentials wrong ?: Miliband’s critique of pluralism revisited† (Studies in Marxism, 2013); â€Å"The theory of the state in Cohen s functional interpretation of Marx s theory of history† (Science and Society, 2006); â€Å"MarxismRead MoreExploring Political Issues1535 Words   |  7 PagesThe management of the Celtic Tiger seen through Elitist and Marxist Approaches Ireland’s economy developed dramatically during the 1990s, and was referred to as the â€Å"Celtic Tiger† - an analogous term for the East Asian Tigers. As a member of the EC, foreign investors saw Ireland as a potential platform to launch their products into Europe. Also, there was a lower corporate tax rate, a skilled workforce and improved economic management. While the country did, at the time of the CelticRead MoreThe Socialization And Dilution Of Marxist Theory Essay1701 Words   |  7 PagesSocialization and Dilution of Marxist Theory in the Post-WWII Era In Antonio Gramsci’s â€Å"Hegemonic Theory† in The Prison Notebooks, the Neo-Marxist ideology of cultural and social monopolies is the underlying source of bourgeoisie corruption and economic dysfunction. Gramsci‘s view of capitalist fascist ideology had failed to understand the complexity of capitalism as a system that dominated academia, the mass media, and other forms of institutionalization that co-opted Marxist leftists movements in theRead MoreMarxist Approach to Media1684 Words   |  7 PagesDescribe the Marxist approach to the media and discuss its strengths and weaknesses (In modern society the main influence over the population comes from the state, which forms its understandings and beliefs.)Nowadays society is influenced by the state which forms its understandings and beliefs. However, a few decades ago the state was more insignificant and the control of peoples ideas and perceptions belonged to the so-called capitalists (or dominant class) who exercised their power over a subordinateRead More International Organizations1664 Words   |  7 Pagestake on any global issue (Pease, 2012). This qualifies NATO because over the years the organization has participated in several international war related issues such as the Korean War and the Cold War. Most recently, NATO, for the first time in history had to engage Article 5 of the treaty after the 9/11 attacks in New York City and the no-fly zone in the country of Libya. The other kind of International Organization (IO) is the NGO which are primarily non-profit private organizations that engage

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Essay on Declaration of Independence Evaluation - 700 Words

Thomas Jefferson was one our nation’s founding fathers. Prior to being elected America’s third president, Jefferson was selected to draft the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson had visions of a nation independent of the British hold that was grasping our country at that time. With beautiful, flowing words and true foresight into the future, Jefferson used the appeal of Ethos, Pathos and Logos. Thomas Jefferson vision for this country was well represented in the writing as he wrote it before the fifty-six other signatures declared America’s independence. Our third president, born in 1743, was not just a public servant but also a historian, husband and father. Of course, he was also a slave owner, which in Virginia was the norm†¦show more content†¦To the audience abroad, the Kingdom of Great Britain viewed these bold words as not just a declaration of independence, but an act of war against the Kingdom. Emotions on high because of words on a pap er and there was no other way Jefferson could be so effective. â€Å"We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor† (Declaration), were words to culminate a long, emotionally engaging declaration, and then signed by representatives of the original thirteen states. A basic breakdown of this document reveals the intentions were to make specific statements as to why the people of this new country have been wronged by King and to declare, literally, our independence. That after several arguments for logic and after being refused to be heard the only true logical outcome now was for these lands and men to be independent of Great Britain. Thomas Jefferson as well as all the signing founding fathers were not unaware that this declaration would surely instigate conflict on our land. A war that would not be easily be won, with several casualties. This was presumed before the declaration was made, but it was also the only logical step towards an independent, successful nation. Jefferson wrote the many accusatio ns so specifically as to not leave doubt in any reader’s mind that this was absolutely necessary. Appealing to the Logos, or logical means of reasoning is implied. Thomas Jefferson is remembered for severalShow MoreRelatedPolitics And The English Language1488 Words   |  6 PagesOrwell’s standard, many famous speeches or articles can be a subject for evaluation. In this case, the Declaration of Independence (US 1776), drafted by Thomas Jefferson and adopted by the Continental Congress, was to declare a separation from the British Empire. (US org) This article considers to be one of the most famous political document in the American history. In the following paragraphs, the Declaration of Independence will be evaluated by using Orwell’s six rules of writing and will be determinedRead MoreThe Declaration Of Independence And The United States897 Words   |  4 Pages The Declaration of Independence stated the United States should be established as a country, free from British control, the U.S. Constitution is a set of rules for that nation to follow, and Mark Twain’s As Regards Patriotism examines how these two document s affect the mindset of this country. Groupthink, not a word use in 1900, when Twain penned his essay, but it is a good analogy of what he was discussing. Psychology Today says, â€Å"Groupthink occurs when a group values harmony and coherenceRead MoreThe Declaration Of Independence And The United States Should Be Established As A Country Free From British Control894 Words   |  4 Pages The Declaration of Independence contended the United States should be established as a country free from British control, the U.S. Constitution is a set of rules for that nation to follow, and Mark Twain’s As Regards Patriotism examines how these two documents affect the mindset of this country. Groupthink, not a word use in 1900, when Twain penned his essay, is a good analogy of what he was discussing. Psychology Today says, â€Å"Groupthink occurs when a group values harmony and coherence overRead MoreEssay on Thomas Hobbes and the Social Theory Contract597 Words   |  3 Pa gesdefiance the accumulated experience of ages â€Å"(Hamilton). Hamilton harkens to the great English Philosopher, Thomas Hobbes and the Social Theory Contract for a clear understanding of the issues. The Social Contract Theory is the basis for the Declaration of Independence and the guiding theories for the Unite States Government as well as many other governments, such as the European Union, England and France, to name a few. The theory is about why people choose to give us some of their rights and powers inRead MoreAmerican History Website Evaluation Essay981 Words   |  4 PagesThe American Revolution Website Evaluation The United States revolution is one of the most iconic events in not just American, but world history. So when performing research on a platform as vast as the internet, proper precautions must be taken. A well designed and thorough web evaluation should be done to ensure the credibility and integrity of the website’s content. Certain Criteria involve who authored the website, when the website was created, when it was last updated, who the website wasRead MoreThe Early Republic ( 1775 )1052 Words   |  5 Pageswhich the country completely freed itself from the rule of the British Empire, thus, developed differently in terms of political, economic and social ideas, as well as institutions. As the country separates itself from the Parliament, political evaluation was one of the government’s top priorities. Believing that separation is judicious, American politicians does not want the country to resemble the British Parliament, thus, they created a republican government where the authority’s power derivedRead MoreThe Legacy Of The Antebellum Period1494 Words   |  6 Pagespolitics, and even the Constitution to further their arguments; likewise, abolitionists used similar counterarguments and these sweeping movements fueled by persuasion became increasingly fierce and forever transformed the nation. To start the evaluation of these movements, let’s evaluate the advocates of slavery and their reasoning. Defenders of slavery used religion as major case for slavery’s justness. The Bible was used extensively. Thomas Stringfellow, for instance, said slavery had â€Å"The sanctionRead MoreJoseph Jackson Annual Address Rhetorical Analysis1209 Words   |  5 Pagesopportunity. It is the resolution and the determination that there shall be in these United States one class of citizens and that is first class citizens. This is a struggle to adopt in practice as well as theory the concept of man on which the Declaration of Independence is based, and to fully implement the Federal Constitution, one of the greatest documents for human freedom since the writing of the Magna Carta. The civil rights struggle is a struggle for full freedom, justice, and equality before the lawRead MoreEssay about The Military Draft is Against the US Constitution1332 Words   |  6 Pagesare to report for duty (Veterans for Peace). The next step, which is crucial, is to weed out those who are physically, mentally, and morally unfit for war. This evaluation is conducted by the Military Entrance Processing Station which determines whether they are fit for war (Veterans for Peace). Those who pass the military evaluation will receive induction orders, orders to report to a local Military Entrance Processing Station within ten days. In order to insure that the draft will be beneficialRead MoreJoseph Jackson Annual Address Rhetorical Analysis1134 Words   |  5 Pagesopportunity. It is the resolution and the determination that there shall be in these United States one class of citizens and that is first class citizens. This is a struggle to adopt in practice as well as theory the concept of man on which the Declaration of Independence is based, and to fully implement the Federal Constitution, one of the greatest documents for human freedom since the writing of the Magna Cart a. The civil rights struggle is a struggle for full freedom, justice, and equality before the law

Stepmom About Death and Dying Free Essays

Movie Review: Stepmom By: For: November 16th, 2010 REL201 The film step mom beautifully portrays the effects death and dying can have on a family. Even one like the Harrison’s, where the parents are split up, and and a new women has come into Luke’s live. Their will always be different ways of coping with death and that is shown through all the characters, be it strong willed like Luke and Jackie, negatively and dramatically like the daughter Anna, or positively and unaware like the son Ben. We will write a custom essay sample on Stepmom: About Death and Dying or any similar topic only for you Order Now All these different ways of coping make this film an ideal one to view the different ways one can cope. Throughout the film Stepmom death is shown as both a negative and positive affecting occurrence. When the main character Jackie Harrison is first told that her diagnosed cancer has became much worse, she is spiteful and hate-filled. She resents the fact that her recently divorced husband is now getting married to a younger woman, she is also angry that her marriage to Luke didn’t work out, and is also saddened at the fact that she will never live to see her children grow up. The positive aspects of death in this film is that Jackie soon realizes that she has to come to grips with her inevitable death. This allows her to live her remaining months in peace with her children and even become happy with Luke and Jena Malone getting married. In the circumstance on Jackie Harrison, death is not presented as a natural part of the life cycle. Cancer, is a modern problem with no modern cure as of yet. It endangers and ends many young lives throughout the world. Jackie was already diagnosed with cancer a year before, however, when she went for a re-evaluation it was found that the cancer had re-appeared and had intensified in her body. This shows that cancerous cells can begin to form at anytime in one’s body and is not a atural part of the life cycle. In the case of Jackie there are two sides. At first when re-diagnosed she is very fearful. Not for herself, but rather for her children. Jackie is afraid that she will not be able to see her children again, and be able to watch them grow up and lead fulfilling lives. She is delivered more bad news at a dinner by her ex-husband. Luke tel ls Jackie that he is to marry Jena Malone. Jackie is angered again and can not bare to tell Luke that she is in fact dying of cancer and will not be around to raise their children. Another scene depicting anger is after Ben falls off the play structure and eeds stitches. At the hospital she tries to see her son, but Jena is already there comforting him. He asks Jena to sing her a song because â€Å"Mommy always does† (Stepmom). As Jackie looks on from outside the room Jena sings for Ben and she is angered by this and goes home and has a fit in her home. Jena uncovers Jackie’s secret through a conversation they have at her home. She tells Jena that she is infect going to L. A. to see an oncologist for treatment. Jena is saddened to hear that the ex-wife is dying of cancer and asks â€Å"are you dying? â€Å", to which Jackie replies â€Å"Not today†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Stepmom). This in turn affects Luke who is the next o find out and thus feels guilty. He feels as though it should have been him and not Jackie. They decide to tell the children about the cancer together and this scene provides the most dramatic effect of the movie. Ben takes the news very lightly and is intrigued as to what his mom is enduring, there is a doubt as to how muc h Ben knows about the situation. He thinks it’s less serious then it actually is. The daughter Anna, is immediately angered by the news and storms off. As she heads upstairs Luke yells â€Å"You do not run out on your mother†, and she replies â€Å"No that’s your job† (Stepmom). This scene is important because it shows how the family as an entirety deals with death. The message of the film Stepmom is too fully appreciate one’s life to the fullest while you can, and to truly live like you we’re dying. It also has many family values attached to the death process. Jackie who has always enjoyed her children now see’s the reasons to why she is truly enjoying them. After hearing that her cancer has got worse she decides to stay home and take time with to be with her family. Luke even becomes more involved with her as her condition worsens, something he never did when they we’re together and she was healthy. A kind of ironic tragedy. It also portrays that Jackie will never be able to be replaced as the children’s mother but Jena can do more by being there for them while they live on without Jackie. In one of the lasts scenes Jena and Jackie make amends and realize that the kids won’t have to choose and that they could love them both. â€Å"I have their past, and you can have their future† (Stepmom) is what Jackie says in comfort to Jena. The white dove that Ben always asks about has dual meaning throughout the film. Ben believes every magician needs a white dove, but the dove in fact symbolizes freedom and life. The symbolism of the dove also has heavy meaning towards Jackie. It would represent her long after she is gone and would be the confidant of the young Ben. In the final scene at Christmas time, Jackie is at this point very ill. When Ben comes upstairs to Jackie’s room to get his present from her she is alone in a chair. She smiles and gives Ben a magician’s cape to continue living his childhood dream of becoming one someday. She then goes downstairs after Anna comes to get her, and helps Luke, Jena and Ben perform a magic trick to uncover the white dove in the cage underneath the magician’s cape. It is symbolic because this white dove will represent Jackie and her continued support of her son long after she is gone. Stepmom was a great film to watch in terms of understanding how a family can cope with death and dying. It shows the contrasts of family values, ways of coping with death and also the support system a family can have throughout times of crisis. Even though Jackie and Luke were no longer together they found a way to make things work when the children and Jackie needed it the most. It is inspiring to see such love and compassion in a difficult situation, even when at the eginning of the film there was nothing but resentment towards each other, a common bond, brought them together and closer then ever, even if it was a negative one. Cancer continues to be a serious threat for today’s modern society and we must continue the fight against to someday have a cancer free earth. Bibliography: I) Stepmom, DVD, Directed by Chris Columbus, (1998) Columbia Pictures, Hollywood. California II) http://www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pmc/articles/PMC2569562/pdf/jnma00195-0137. pdf Heather M. Butts,JD,MPH III) http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Stepmom_(film) IV) http://www. mediacircus. net/stepmom. html How to cite Stepmom: About Death and Dying, Papers

F. Scott Fitzgerald. the Swimmers. Essay free essay sample

The swimmers. F. Scott Fitzgerald was an American  author of novels and short stories. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century. Fitzgerald is considered a member of the Lost Generation of the 1920s. He finished four novels:  This Side of Paradise,  The Beautiful and Damned,  The Great Gatsby—his most famous—and  Tender Is the Night. His style is very interesting. All his short stories has a construction of novels. â€Å"The swimmers† is a fine example of Fitzgerald’s style. It was written in 1927, but was not published for many years. In Fitzgerald’s opinion it was the most difficult story and too large to its form. The narration is third-person. Third-person narration provides the greatest flexibility to the author. Each and every character is referred to by the narrator as he, she, it, or they. A story in this narrative mode is presented by a narrator with an overarching point of view, seeing and knowing everything that happens within the world of the story, including what each of the characters is thinking and feeling. We will write a custom essay sample on F. Scott Fitzgerald. the Swimmers. Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page So this type of narration let us to imagine the full picture of the story and understand every character. The main idea of the story is richness, money and class-division. It is the main problem of the whole American nation. The theme of the story is person’s attitude towards his richness. Is it enough just to have money to go forward? Has the money a real power in every situation or maybe we are to have a real ability, to save ourselves and continue to go forward. Another theme is misalliance, between expatriate, patrician Virginian, Henry Clay Marston and his French wife Choupette. So the author shows us the victim of all this problems and describes his conflict verses himself. This short story is written for mass-reader. Simple language not just of American nation, but other countries made â€Å"The swimmers† popular all over the world. The title of the story â€Å"The swimmers† shows us that the swimmers are every person in our world. The plot of the story is very gripping. The action of the story is laid in Paris. The main character Henry Clay Marston who has enough money but they could not help him to solve his problems. The story consists of exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. The story told in chronological order which led us to the resolution of main problem. The story is divided into 4 logical parts. Having come back home Henry finds the wife with the friend the man. He gets sick, goes on the sea, there tries to rescue the girl and almost perishes itself as isnt able to float well. Henry gets acquainted with this girl, asks her about the reasons of love to swimming and receives the strange answer: To be purer. Reflecting on specifics of national consciousness, arrives at idea that traditional fins of Americans — it is money. Henry learns that the wife doesnt love it, she suggests to issue divorce. Chupet and her loved Vayz try to take away blackmail from him children, but Genrn wins a duel thanks to ability to float, after all lessons of the girl didnt pass for it for nothing. In this line of a plot the second semantic bottom — a duel between Henry and Vayz is shown also — it is a spiritual duel. Vayz claims that money is omnipotent: Money created this country, erected its huge remarkable cities, created the industry, covered it with a network of the railroads. Money bridles the nature, money will create cars and sets them in motion †¦ Henrys position other: Americans would have to be born with fins, probably, so it and was — probably, money was such fins — he thinks in the beginning. But on an action course, in the motor-boat who has broken in the high sea, Henry comprehends other truth: in similar situations money is powerless. Only real abilities of the person, in this case — ability to float, are capable to rescue its future. The wife is compelled to refuse children, which for it — meaning of the life, and for her — only guarantee of decency.